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Comprehensive Recycling and Export of Used Clothing

Hanol is an eco-friendly company that recycles clothing waste from residential complexes, manufacturing products and reducing waste while enhancing recycling rates. Hanol guided by meticulous standards from seasoned quality professionals with over 20 years of experience, consistently produces high-quality export goods, ensuring continuous customer satisfaction. Hanol’s products are not only distributed domestically but also exported to countries such as Mongolia and Thailand, with ongoing efforts to expand exports to Southeast Asian nations like the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as steadily advancing into South America. Prioritizing environmental conservation for future generations and contributing to national interests through export expansion, Hanol remains committed to ongoing environmental preservation activities. We will continue to progress by developing various recycled product lines to contribute to the conservation of our planet for the benefit of future generations.

Detail of Export Goods




Household Recyclables

Export Packaging Unit

Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Household Recyclables, etc., packaged in basic 20kg/sack or 25kg/sack

Export Shipment Unit

Shipment can be arranged by sea or air in LCL (Less than Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load) based on agreed-upon items and quantities.

Maximum Single Shipment Weight

Loading criteria within 20FT or 40FT HQ, allowing for 240 to 700 sacks.

Payment Method

After export processing, BL, CL, PL sent, 100% payment upon dispatch, immediate issuance of Surrender BL after payment confirmation.

Export Price Determination

Pricing is based on a per kg basis, with the default trade condition being CIF; FOB is available if required.

Transportation Period Determination

Mutual agreement based on chosen shipping method (SEA, AIR) during export negotiations and information exchange with the shipping company.

Quotation Request and Discussion

Contact via email info@hanoleco.com or phone: 032-288-5425.